1. Install Java Runtime

First you have to install a Java runtime or Java development environment (J2SE). This can be obtained here . It is recommended to use version 1.4 or above.

If you want to develop java (e.g. jedit plugins), you should use the SDK version (Development Kit including compiler). Otherwise the JRE (Java Runtime environment) is the right choice.

2. Install jEdit

For using plb4jedit, you need to install jEdit. Get the latest stable version here . The quickstart guide for the installation of jEdit may help.

The PL/B plugin works only with version 4.1 of jEdit, because of changes in the API of the required SideKick plugin.

3. Download plugins

Start jEdit (look for an Desktop shortcut or Program menu entry or simply type "jedit" command shell/prompt. To install plugins choose the menu option Plugins->Plugin Manager->Install

jEdit Settings Directory

jEdit Plugin Manager

The following plugins must be installed in order to use the PL/B extensions:

  • Console: compiling and running programs (Please don't use version 3.5). A proper version 3.4 can be downloaded here
  • Err orList: lists compilation errors
  • SideKick: shows PL/B source structure
  • InfoViewer: to open html PL/B help files

The next plugins are not mandatory but nice to have:

  • BufferList: nice way to handle your open files
  • Sessions: group files which belong to one project
  • TaskList: highlights tasks in sources, e.g. TODOs, IDEAs, WARNINGs ...
  • Ebrowse: nice open, switch session, switch buffer dialogs via keys and tab completion

And last but not least a few plugins, which make everything look a little bit nicer:

  • MouseSnap
  • LookAndFeel
  • EditorScheme

When the download and installation of plugins is ready, jEdit asks you to restart. Wait a moment and install plb4jedit first ...

4. Install Plb4jedit

Download plb4jedit binary distribution and unzip into the directory $HOME/.jedit (so called jEdit setting directory). If you don't know, where to find the settings directory, you can look it up in jEdit Menu Utilities->Settings Directory .

jEdit Settings Directory

Restart jEdit. Done.