FileLocator functionality

FileLocator is a PL/B independent extension of jEdit to easily load files. Therefor an index over one or more source directories is created to speed up the lookup. A filter includes only files of your interest (e.g. *.java or *.pls or *.xml).

To load a file you only need to specify parts of its filename. If this leeds to an exact match, the file is loaded, if many files match a dropdown selection list with all matching files is presented.

FileLocator stores its index in the users home directory in a file

FileLocator can be invoked from commandline.

Menu items

Load file for currenct word
tries to load the file with the filename of the word where the caret is above
Load file
opens a dialog where you can enter the filename or parts of the filename you want to open
Update Index
recreates index according to the directory settings in the options
Reload map from disk
Dump all maps to new Buffer
Delete map